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Welcome to my personal webpage, My name is Lamla Skundla. I work for the City of Cape Town as a children's librarian in Eikendal Public Library. This library is situated in Kraaifontein outside Cape Town. I am a currently studying towards my Master's Degree in Library and Information Science with the University of the Western Cape. My main interest is in the field of knowledge management, I have made it my personal mission to explore and learn more about this field and to share and use the knowledge that i have acquired to the benefit of the organisation  i work for. 


My interest in Knowledge management has been marked by my devoted memebership in an interest group called the "Children's Librarians Interst Group". This is a community of practice that we formed as children's librarians to collaborate and share knowledge and best practices. The membership is free and voluntarily, We interact on a regular basis on e-mails, phones, blogs and most importantly on a monthly basis we interat in knowledge cafes- we discuss the programmes we were engaged in the previous month. We continuously strive to improve the services we provide for the children and young adults in our libraries. In this community everyone is welcome to come up with ideas and identify critical issues that are to be discussed in our next meeting. 



 To learn more about this more about this wiki and contact m by e-mail me on lamla.skundla@capetown.gov.za or blog http://lamla2656638.blogspot.com to add your contribution





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