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Welcome to the “THE AVID CITY READER” - a wiki for the City of Cape Town’s children’s librarians interest group- This is community-of -practice that was initiated (by the knowledge management unit within the City of Cape Town’s Library and Information Services Department.)  With the purpose of mobilizing knowledge sharing practices within the children’s librarians who work for the City Libraries.

This wiki was created to serve as platform for sharing best practices, lessons- learned, knowledge, great ideas and insights.  We realized that while some of us struggle with some of our duties, there is often  someone who has managed to make a break through in developing and implementing successful and exciting library programmes.

Now this is where this wiki comes in, it will serve as a space where all this knowledge will be collected and organized to make it accessible for anyone who might need it.

The wiki is open to everyone and we encourage every one to contribute by editing, adding and sharing their knowledge resources with us.  Things like your own (someone else’s) personal experiences- achievements, lessons learned from projects/programmes involved in , useful documents, articles, presentations, websites and blogs.


This wiki contatins very useful knowledge resources, they are stored in the best practices document repository and they are arranged systematically. Taxonomies were used to ensure that this knowldge can be logically stuctured and allow easy navigation and access. To learn more about the taxonomies, you can view the taxonomy document.


Note: Should you have any questions or queries feel free to contact the person who created this wiki.



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